" Hai orang beriman bertaqwalah kepada Allah dan carilah wasilah(jalan)untuk mendekatkan diri kepadaNYA Dan berjuanglah di jalan Allah, agar kamu beruntung. "(Al-Maidah : 35)

16 October 2009


Taxi without the driver

Who did say that in the taxi compulsorily must be the driver? In London Heathrow airport, for example, appeared the taxi, which excellently manages also without human control [im]. taxi drivers - are double phenomenon. From one side, with them it is sometimes interesting to have a talk along the road, with another, sometimes they are excessively obtrusive or do not, generally, know road. It is here in Heathrow airport, that in London having, apparently, weighed everything "after" and "against" the taxi drivers as such, they decided from them to refuse. Certainly, these four-place taxi will not transport the passengers into any point of city arrived in Heathrow. They will act exclusively in the territory of airport itself as the connection between the terminals, by [avtoparkovkami] and other construction of [aeroportnogo] complex. To passenger there remains only to sit down into this taxi, the sensory screen, where it should move, and taxi auto will transport it there and, of course, without the tip. The money terminal, which stands in this taxi, will remove from your card exactly as many money, as is necessary, and not by kopeck it is

ULTra is a battery-driven, 200-mpg-equivalent, elevated personal rapid transit system with many four-person vehicles. First deployment is scheduled for London Heathrow Airport in Spring 2010, to serve Heathrow's new Terminal 5. Working as circulator transit for airports, office parks, universities, and other major activity centers, ULTra is faster than a car. In these applications, ULTra solves the "last mile problem."

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